Starting a Meeting


Underearners Anonymous is a growing fellowship: Intergroup offers support to new meetings. Please attend Intergroup or arrange a phone call to help get the meeting started. We are able to donate some literature and also support your meeting by paying rent for the first month.

  • Listen out for other people interested in starting a meeting even if it is just one other.
  • Research meetings listed on other fellowships websites: a good place to start for finding a venue.
  • Find a venue with a room available at the same time every week with affordable rent.

Create a simple flyer that advertises the meeting and place in other meeting venues, libraries, free notice boards and Citizen Advice Bureau if possible.

A meeting could begin perhaps with just two members for 30 minutes and grow to be longer once you have attracted more members. Meetings change and evolve to best serve newcomers and regular fellows.

Successful meetings historically build a strong committee, are close to transport links and in venues used by other 12 step fellowships.

Underearners Anonymous is a gentle fellowship which suggests taking manageable steps everyday towards your goals. Intergroup can offer support in the form of a payment for the first month’s rent (direct to your chosen venue) and donate 20 copies of the ABOUT UA pamphlet which contains the key readings for the fellowship. You can also download meeting resources from the US website. UA UK Intergroup is here to serve you; we look forward to hearing from you.

UA UK Intergroup meets on the 2nd Saturday of the month at 11.15am in the Quiet Room at the Hinde Street Meetings venue, we are also able to support travel costs if you are based outside of London and contact us before Intergroup. Email for any more information.