NOTICE: All UA-UK phone meetings are operating a “pop up” basis until further notice, as there are no regular meeting moderators. So someone dialling in can offer to take the meeting on a ad hoc basis, using the meeting format provided in the meeting list.

As all UA phone meetings are moving to a system with a meeting dashboard operator to keep the meetings safe from disruption. Should you be interested in giving service as a moderator or as a dashboard operator, please email web (AT) to let us know.

For international phone meeting listing, please go to

To attend a UK phone meeting you simply call the number from your mobile or landline and then you will be prompted to enter an access code. Telephone numbers and access codes are all listed below. Whilst attending the meeting you can press *6 to mute to keep the line clear or *6 to unmute to share. For international phone meetings, you may wish to use skype or a calling service for cheaper rates.

(03 numbers are generally free if you have inclusive minutes, always check with your provider first)


UK Weekday UA Morning Meeting

Step & Tools

7am-8am UK time, Monday to Friday.
This is a Step & Tools meeting.
UK dial in number is +44 330 088 1927

US dial in: +1 605-313-5559
Access Code: 718230#

This is a dashboard meeting. Visit: for international calling numbers
(The latest script is at: UA Morning UK Meeting Script)