UA-UK Workshops


2021 UA-UK Prosperity Weekend

The 12 Steps and Prosperity
Saturday 24 July, 5pm BST (12pm EDT)
Speaker: From New York

Symptoms to Solutions
Sunday 25 July, 1pm BST (8am EDT)
Speaker: UA Co-Founder

Tools & Actions for Abundance
Sunday 25 July, 3pm BST (10AM EDT)
Speaker: From California

Global Gratitude Circle (1 hour)
Sunday 25 July, 8pm BST (3pm EDT)

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2020 UA-UK Workshops

Workshop 1: The Path To Prosperity: How It Works
> Section 1 (mp3)
> Section 2 (mp3)
> Section 3 (mp3)

Workshop 2: Realising The UA Promises
> Section 1 (mp3)
> Section 2 (mp3)

Workshop 3: Visions Into Action
> Section 1 (mp3)
> Section 2 (mp3)

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